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Learning Coach Center

Over the years, NCCA has built a tight-knit school community that offers quality education to create a well-rounded student experience for those who need or desire alternatives to traditional brick and mortar institutions.

We aim to support students, along with their caretakers and learning coaches, throughout their educational career.  We hope to meet you and your student at our virtual or face to face events throughout the year.  You can also browse our collection of Learning Coach Tips to help you build a strong foundation for your student at home. 

Learning Coach

Time Commitment

Learning From Home

Grades 9 - 12

1 - 2 hours per day

Resources & Huddle Recordings

August 2022 Huddle 

September 2022 Huddle 

October 2022 Huddle 

November 2022 Huddle 

December 2022 Huddle 

January 2023 Huddle 

February 2023 Huddle 

March 2023 Huddle 

April 2023 Huddle 

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