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Behavioral Expectations

To ensure a positive and productive online learning environment, it is important that all students adhere to our behavioral expectations. These expectations can be found in our WISE (Winning Attitude, Integrity Always, Safety First, Engaged Learner) behavior matrix, which outlines expectations for virtual/live lessons, asynchronous/ independent work and assessments.

Ways to be WISE


Review WISE expectations with your student.

Log In

Make sure your child logs in on time for live lessons if required.

Camera On

Encourage your child to be on camera and an active participant in class.

To Do Lists

Use weekly to do lists  to make sure assignments are completed by the due date.


Check for communications and/or feedback from teachers and respond to any teacher email or question on assignments within 24 hours, Monday-Friday.


Establish a good work space at home and monitor distractions in the environment  so that your child is able to fully engage in online instruction

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